Top 5 Best Acoustic Guitars Under 3000 in India

best acoustic guitars under 3000
Best Acoustic Guitars Under 3000

Choosing a Best Acoustic Guitar could be a painful job as a new guitar learner. The lack of information can lead you to buy guitars that are not suitable for new learners. Being a guitar lover I can understand these problems. I had faced a similar problem when I was looking to buy my first guitar in 2016. In this post, we are going to talk about the best acoustic guitars you can buy right now. I will tell you the stuff that you need to look into new guitars and I will list out some tips on how to select the best guitar for beginners.


Things to Consider when buying an Acoustic Guitar :

These are the few points you need to consider when buying the guitar for the first time.

  • Size of the guitar: The size of the guitar varies from person to person. It is best to choose an acoustic guitar that is comfortable for your body type.
  • Fret Height: This is another most important factor overlooked by new acoustic guitar buyers. The height of the fret is space between the guitar string and the fretboard. Which should be as minimum as possible.
  • Type of String: Guitars usually come with two types of string such as Copper and Nylon. The guitars that we are considering here are having a copper string.
  • Wood Used: The type of wood used to make the body of the guitar and the fretboard matters a lot since they are directly related to the endurance of the guitar in the long run.
  • Truss Rod: The Truss rod is used to adjust the accent of the guitar. It generally means we can increase the Fret height. But Cheap guitar we are considering in this article does not come with Truss rod.


Top 5 Best Acoustic Guitars Under 3000 in India

Here is the list of top best acoustic guitar under 3000 you can buy right now in India. These guitars are suitable for beginners. if you are just starting out with a guitar and don’t want to invest tons of money in expensive guitars than consider these value for money best Acoustic Guitars.

 1. Intern 38-inch Cutaway Design Black Acoustic

The intern 38-inch Cutaway acoustic guitar has been in the market for quite a long time. This is one of the cheapest guitars you can buy online without breaking your bank account. Even though it is one of the cheapest guitars, it has great value for money. The guitar comes with a great look and modern design with a mid-size guitar body which is great for beginners. It uses Linden wood fingerboard. It comes with an ebony wood fretboard and a 38-inch cutaway design.

The Intern 38-inch Acoustic guitar comes with the combo pack of Guitar picks as well as the sturdy-looking Guitar bag. Here are the few notable features of this superb value for money acoustic guitar under 3000.



  • Great looks with an innovative design.
  • Linden wood fingerboard with the ebony wood fretboard.
  • Maximum wood construction with geared tuning.
  • Wood frame and steel strings.
  • Sturdy box package with multiple plies.
  • Bag with stylish nylon made and long-lasting material.
  • Comes with 3 extra picks.

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2. Photron Acoustic Guitar

Another best value for money guitar for beginners is a Photron Acoustic guitar. This guitar is one of the cheapest in the market, it could be perfect for the beginners since you don’t have to pay lots of money to start playing with the guitar right away. The price of this guitar is well under 2000 while writing this post. The price may fluctuate in the future. You can buy this guitar at any discount offers with less than 2000 value. Even though it has the lowest price offer, it comes with pretty adequate materials and fretboard material.


These are the features of this mid-size 38-inch acoustic guitar perfect for the beginners.


  • Black Glossy Finish with 18 Frets Acoustic guitar.
  • Comes with an innovative 38-inch cut design for great sound quality.
  • The Fingerboard is made of  Linden wood and fretboard is made of Ebony wood.
  • The Cheapest guitar comes with 2 Picks

The only downside among guitars in this range is it does not comes with a guitar bag. You can buy a guitar bag separately.

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3. Breve BRE-38C-RD Acoustic Guitar

The Breve 38-inch acoustic guitar is one of the best guitar available in the price range of 2500 to 3000. The Breve guitar comes in professional colors with innovative design. This acoustic guitar is also made of linden wood and well optimize for unsurpassed resonance sound quality. The Breve BRE-38-RD acoustic guitar comes with the color choice of Red, Blue, Black, and brown. This particular guitar is easy to hold and portable perfect for newbie guitar learners.



  • Revolutionary Design with Professional Colors.
  • 38-inch Cutway design made with Linden Wood.
  • Guitar bundled with accessories like smart strap, bag, strings set, and picks.
  • Superior quality linden wood soundboard for unsurpassed resonance.
  • Easy to hold for stress-free playing

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4. Juârez Acoustic Guitar (Hippie Funky Design)

Juarez is one of the well known acoustic guitar brands with its best value for money guitars. The first guitar I bought was from juarez from as well. This particular guitar from the guitar comes with hippie funky design perfect for the kids. It offers the best product in this price range with a superb quality guitar with woods and string. It comes with extra accessories such as guitar bags, string, and picks.

juraez acoustic guitar
juarez acoustic guitar


  • Comes with Unique New Design.
  • Has 18 Frets for smooth guitar playing.
  • 38-inch cutaway design.
  • Linden Binding and Full Wood Construction with Geared Tuning.
  • The fingerboard made of Linden Wood and Fretboard is made of Ebony Wood.
  • Comes with Strap, Picks and High-Quality guitar bag.


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5. Medellin MED-SUN-C Linden Wood Acoustic Guitar

Medellin is another budget guitar brand that provides value for money guitars that are perfect for new beginners. This particular edition of  Medellin MED-SUN-C Linden Wood Acoustic Guitar is perfect for beginners and comes with professional looking brown/sunburst color. Sadly it only comes with one color and doesn’t have any other option available at the moment. It is a medium-size guitar perfect for a starter. This guitar comes with extra accessories like a strap and guitar string. 

medellin Guitar
Medellin Guitar


  • Comes with Sunburst color.
  • Medium size 38-inch cutaway design perfect for beginners.
  • Fret and body of the guitar are made of Linden wood for professional quality sound.
  • Comes with extra accessories like a strap and String with picks.

The only downside is that this version of the guitar does not come with guitar bags and you may need to buy them separately.

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These were the best value for money Top 5 Best Acoustic Guitar under 3000 in India. All of these guitars come in the same price range. And all of them are using the same wood material for the fingerboard and body of the guitar. These are the entry-level guitar and only suitable for a starter. if you have money to spare, you can go with a more expensive guitar available in the market. Here is our pick of Top 5 Best Acoustic Guitar under 5000 & Top 5 Best Acoustic Guitar under 10000 price range in India.

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